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*WARNING!!: Bitcoin sportbook is trying to defraud a user of 330.58 + 20 ($1,180,000 USD) BTC deposit & winnings.

The victim's recent withdrawal history: s that amounted to 150 BTC, and then gained a net profit of 180.58 BTC after making a few bets on different sports markets. had no problem taking his deposits, but they are now refusing to pay the player citing account ownership irregularities
Their claims are false because the player in question has provided them with every piece of document they have requested so far. Their latest excuse is that imposters are trying to steal the funds. However, the player has 2FA enabled, and all withdrawals on cloudbet require email verification.
Who are they lying? Folks, save your selves the grief, this book,, don’t want winners and are making different excuses to deny big winnings. Be careful using them, they might screw you with KYC and blab about betting from banned territories, not that the player in question has those issues.
This case has been ongoing for 36 days now. And the player is very stressed out. Cloudbet do the right if you’re a honest book and pay him.
The victim's most recent withdrawal history:
Relevant links:
Update: They also cancelled a winning bet on the superbowl. The player won another 20btc, and without any explanations they cancelled the win and closed his account.
Be careful, there are currently several accusations about scamming users against
more accusations against cloudbet from other users:
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*WARNING!!: Bitcoin sportbook is trying to defraud a user of 330.58 + 20 ($1,180,000 USD) BTC deposit & winnings.

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*WARNING!!: Bitcoin sportbook is trying to defraud a user of 330.58 + 20 ($1,180,000 USD) BTC deposit & winnings.

*WARNING!!: Bitcoin sportbook is trying to defraud a user of 330.58 + 20 ($1,180,000 USD) BTC deposit & winnings. submitted by edward_snowedin to cloudbet [link] [comments]

Top 10 Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2020

Top 10 Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2020
Back in 2018, the most popular way to earn bitcoin seemed to be through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Over $6 billion was raised in Q1 2018 for crypto projects — many with just a white paper and a website. Business was good for founders and investors until the end of 2018 when scammers were the only ones laughing. Most investors lost money, and capital investments into ICO dropped 97%. Companies like TruStory even launched whose sole mission was to stop ICO scams from happening. By Q1 2019, less than $900 million was raised through ICOs —with regulation being the coup de gras.
So where has all the momentum shifted? The second wave of crypto projects will undoubtedly reward profits over potential. This article examines the top ways you can earn bitcoin in 2020 — from faucets and bitcoin mining to crypto savings accounts. The biggest winners of 2020 will likely fall into one of the following 10 categories. The strategy that is right for you will depend on your skills, network, access to capital, location, risk tolerance and investment timeline.

#1 - Holding
Arguably the best way to make money on Bitcoin is to buy it and hold it for many years. Smart investors rely on a strategy called Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to reduce market volatility. This works by investing a fixed amount on a regular schedule, ie $100 once a week for 10 weeks, which helps offset the crypto market volatility. The hard part is being patient with the investment and resisting the urge to daytrade or sell too quickly.

#2 - Lending
A number of fintech companies like BlockFi and BitBond now offer the ability to earn interest on your crypto holdings. Interest rates range start around 8% and can go as high as 20% for trusted lenders. The interest clients earn typically compounds monthly, although these returns mimic that of the S&P 500 so this is considered a low risk/reward option.

#3 - Day Trading
A common way to earn Bitcoin trading is through trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges using 1X to as high as 100X leverage. Traders can also bet on the index of any crypto on sites like eToro or Robinhood. Daytraders will trade based on charts and trends, and try to grow their portfolio.
Another much safer form of arbitrage is dropshipping. You can source products on Amazon or from sites like Oberlo who will help you find the right products to buy. You can build an e-commerce store using Shopify or just sell on eBay. If you have a store and supply chain already, it's easy to start accepting Bitcoin using a payment gateway like CoinPayments or BitPay.
Other peer-to-peer exchanges like Paxful, Purse and Redeeem allow you to trade gift cards and other digital and physical goods for bitcoin.

#4 - Gambling
Gambling with Bitcoin is highly addictive, risky, largely unregulated, and offers the biggest and fastest financial volatility. Some popular crypto gambling sites include CloudBet, BetOnline, FortuneJack, Bovada, BetUS and hundreds of others. For more rankings, click here.

#5 - Mining
Despite the fact that over 80% of Bitcoin has already been mined, bitcoin mining is still a $4 billion annual industry. Since mining was intentionally developed to require advanced hardware, it's an expensive process that requires large mining facilities to be profitable. For this reason, most large-scale mining operations are located in China where electricity is cheap.
To be successful, individual miners are forced to join collective mining pools like MinerGate or simply mine as a fun hobby with Coinmine or Homeyminer and not worry about the ROI. To learn more, click here.

#6 - Faucets
A faucet is just a website that gives free coins to every visitor for staying on the site or engaging with content. Some examples are Cointiply, FreeBitcoin, SatoshiQuiz and others. Keep in mind, a satoshi represents roughly 0.00000001 bitcoin, so 100 satoshi is about 1 penny. It would take 100 correct trivia answers on SatoshiQuiz to make $1 USD. It's far more profitable to own a Bitcoin faucet and make money on advertisements.

#7 - Services
There are dozens of job boards online where you can earn bitcoin for a variety of independent contractor services. Many clients on Upwork, Freelancer and other non-crypto platforms will gladly 15% discounts or more if they can pay their freelancers in bitcoin and avoid the costs of the marketplace. Other more dedicated sites are listed below.
Jobs4Bitcoin — Reddit job board for bitcoin tasks
AngelList — Job board for crypto companies and projects — Earn bitcoin while learning about crypto
CryptoGrind — Escrow for bitcoin freelancers
CryptoJobs — Job board for bitcoin freelancers
Coinality — Job board for crypto freelancers
Bitfortip — Earn bitcoin for helping people Indeed — Job board for crypto companies BitWage — HR services for paying in crypto XBTFreelancer — Freelancers get paid in bitcoin

#8 - Exchanges
The simplest and lowest-cost exchange is a Bitcoin ATM. As of January 2019, there were 4,213 Bitcoin or cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide. With many countries like Venezuela, Argentina and Nigeria experiencing hyperinflation, the world's 2.3 billion unbanked people will continue to demand bitcoin and stablecoins as hedges against inflation. The estimated startup costs for a Bitcoin ATM is about $25,000 per location, according to CoinATMRadar.
Building a crypto exchange or peer-to-peer trading platform will be a more expensive way to earn bitcoin as an exchange. This requires building a website, hosting wallets on the blockchain, building security protocols, creating KYC/AML policies, accepting crypto payments, building two sides of a marketplace, and a little marketing, branding and legal work. Some examples of successful P2P trading platforms are Paxful, Purse and Redeeem.
The fiat to crypto exchanges like Gemini, Coinbase and Kraken usually require venture funding, large engineering teams and banking partnerships for proper custody of the funds. Fiat exchanges also have to register as a Money Services Business (MSB). For a full list of fiat exchanges, click here.

#9 - Affiliate Rewards
Affiliate programs in crypto are endless, and they can come in many different shapes and sizes. Products like Lolli and Pei will reward you with bitcoin cashback everywhere you shop. Exchanges like Changelly will give you a percentage of their fee revenue for referring clients. Wallets like Abra will give you $25 for each signup. The optimal strategy is picking a familiar product that you know and love. For a list of affiliate programs, click here.

#10 - Content
Bitcoin is King. Content is King. So Bitcoin Content must be God. The ability to research, write and publish high-quality content on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be a highly coveted asset in 2020. It's free to start a Medium blog, video blog or podcast and share your ideas to passionate audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Quora. Try to build an audience first then turn on AdSense or activate other partnerships to start collecting passive revenue for your content.
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A call for FAQ help

With the drones of new Americans entering the scene, creditpikachu has kindly pointed out that our FAQ sucks and it needs to be more digestible for us casual Americans. Instead of spoon feeding each new user as we've been doing, I figured now would be a good time to revamp the FAQ and once done, make it more prominent somewhere (thinking a wiki page linked in sidebar+possible sticky).
Please take a look and please submit any FAQ questions you feel are missing (probably some regarding these recent events). If you don't know the answer, that's okay. Hopefully we can work together to provide quality answers to all questions. Also please submit any new answers to the current questions if you feel you can provide a better answer. This is the internet, there are no hard feelings.
Here's what we currently have:
1. What is a unit?
It's whatever your standard of betting is. A unit could be different for everyone. For example, if you normally put $10 on a bet then 1u is $10 and 2u is $20 and so forth. Some people say a unit is 2% of your bankroll but a unit is entirely up to your own judgement. It's essentially used as a way to express your confidence in a bet. - JG00G To add to this it's mainly done because communicating in your personal currency does not make sense when you're discussing things on a global website. If someone says they're betting 1000$ on something, we don't know if it's their minimum bet or their maximum bet. It relays no confidence in the bet to us. If this is his min bet then he probably considers that about 1 unit. A 5000$ bet would then be about 5 units for him and is generally considered a "max" bet. So take the amount you usually min bet and treat that as 1 unit. - stander414
1a. How do I use units and bankroll management?
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2. Is betting illegal in the US?
Betting on sports ONLINE is completely legal, and do not let anyone tell you any differently. It is ILLEGAL to take bets ie. run a book. But to place a bet online, you will never, ever have problems with it. The only thing that can possibly get you in hot water is not paying taxes if you actually turn a profit. If you don't want to give your ID out, use bitcoin. Basically to sum up everything. If you have full intentions on paying taxes if you win, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
3. What is bitcoin and how does it work with sports betting?
To start, you should really only consider using bitcoin if you are in the US or you would like to conceal your identity from a sportsbook. There are two types of sportsbooks when it comes to bitcoin, bitcoin sportsbooks and sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. Bitcoin sportsbooks are sportsbooks that only use bitcoin. The bets are made with bitcoin and at no time is the bitcoin converted to fiat currency (ex. Nitrogensports/cloudbet/directbet). Bitcoin sportsbooks do not require any personal information. Sportsbooks that accept bitcoin are regular fiat books that use bitcoin as deposit option. You send bitcoin and the website will convert and hold it into USD or fiat. When you withdraw, the book will send you your withdrawal in bitcoin. It will be equal value to the amount in fiat you are withdrawing. These sportsbooks will most likely require all personal information as they have to comply with local laws/licensing.
4. I've heard I shouldn't send bitcoin directly to a sportsbook from Coinbase, is this true?
There is a small chance that Coinbase will shut down your account for doing this. This is because they are regulated by the laws of the country they are registered in. Coinbase is a US based company so that means that they aren't allowed to be a payment processor for offshore gambling transactions. So if they find out you are using them to that end, they will shut your account down (although they will return your money to you). -Touch_Of_Red
5. My bitcoin transaction is taking a long time to this normal?
It's not normal but it's normal. The way these things are processed, the sender pays a fee for the transaction to get included in the next block. The blocks are only so big and the time to solve them has a lot of variance involved, so occasionally the blockchain will get 'backed up' and there will be a lot of transactions waiting to get confirmed while new ones are added. I've had transactions with "normal" fees take 12 hours to get confirmed just because there was such a backlog. -Touch_Of_Red
6. How do bookmakers set lines?
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7. Best places to get betting percentages and how they work?
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8. Parlay vs rolling bets?
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9. What does EV mean?
EV stands for Expected Value - essentially, how much you stand to profit by making this type of play over the long run.
If you bet $100 on a line at +100 odds, those odds correspond to 50% win probability - you need to win 50% of the time just to break even. If your team actually has a 60% chance of winning the game, then you have a +EV scenario. This doesn't mean you'll always profit. About 40% of the time you'll lose your $100 and 60% of the time you'll win $100. But if you placed that exact same bet on the exact same game in 100,000 parallel universes, you should come out ahead (about 40,000 losses & 60,000 wins).
With the above example, what is your EV? 60% X $100 - 40% X 100 = $60-$40 = $20 Again, that doesn't mean you'll win $20, but across those 100k games in 100k parallel universes, you should yield a profit of about 100,000 X $20 = $2,000,000.
Conversely, if you bet $100 on a +100 line, but you suck at handicapping games and your team actually has only a 45% chance of winning, you've made a -EV play. For that single game, your EV would be 45% X $100 - 55% X $100 = $45-$55 = -$10. - djbayko
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Managing bankroll with Bitcoin

Only reason I'm making a separate post is because there isn't a daily questions thread up right now.
  1. I have attempted to use some Bitcoin sportsbooks but how do you guys recommend managing a bankroll with it? It's pretty tiring to constantly see the exchange rate with USD. Or do you guys not even do that and just forget about the dollar amount and simply bet a percentage of your bankroll? I just never really know how much I have when it's a small decimal that is constantly changing. Do you forget about the price change?
  2. Do y'all prefer Nitrogen or cloudbet? Cloudbet seems to have a lot more options but obviously nitrogen is incredibly popular around here. Was wondering if there is something shady about cloudbet that I'm not seeing.
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A guide on bitcoin

A few people have asked me about how to buy bitcoin and how to use bitcoin. So I thought I'd write a quick guide on how to buy bitcoin and how to send bitcoin. At the end I give some bonus information on what bitcoin is and how it works. Bitcoin is best demonstrated rather than explained and most people just want to jump right in and get some to see for themselves, so I'll start this guide with how to buy some and how to send people money with it. Plus most people reading this might only be interested in sending their league dues.


There are a number of ways to purchase bitcoin all of them relatively easy. I will recommend two of the most popular ways to buy bitcoin.
Coinbase Coinbase is probably the most popular exchange in the world. Coinbase is very easy to use and is probably the cheapest place to buy bitcoins. This is my recommended way to purchase bitcoins. You will need to connect your account to a US checking account via the ACH system.
Circle circle allows you to purchase bitcoin using a credit card or debit card. I haven't purchased through them, but I believe they require ID verification so it may take some time to setup. not too sure.
Libertyx Libertx is a very simple way to purchase bitcoins. You go to a Libertyx location and tell the cashier you are purchasing a libertyx pin. you give the cashier the amount you want in cash and they give you a receipt with a pin number. Enter that pin number in your account on libertyx and bitcoin is deposited to your account.
Localbitcoins Localbitcoins is probably the fastest way to purchase bitcoins. You can go to the website and find someone in your area that is selling bitcoins for cash. If you find someone you want to buy from, you open a trade with that person and plan to meet in a public place like starbucks. This method doesn't require you to link a bank account. This method will be a little more expensive than purchasing through an exchange like coinbase.
Find a bitcoin ATM Bitcoin ATM's are popping up around the country. Each of them work a little differently and any exchange fees are set by the owner. So how expensive they are depends on the one you are using. To use an ATM you deposit cash and bitcoins are deposited into your bitcoin wallet.


Bitcoin Wallets A bitcoin wallet is used to store your bitcoin, send bitcoin, and receive bitcoin. You can think of it like as an email account. If you are using coinbase, Libertyx, or localbitcoins then you are already given a bitcoin wallet with your account. If you only plan to use bitcoin for the one purpose of sending your league dues, then this may be all you need and you won't need to bother having an additional app on your phone or computer (skip ahead to sending bitcoins). But, if you are interested in using bitcoins then you should look into what wallet applications are available. has a great guide on what wallets are available. Look over which ones are available for each platform. Here are my personal recommendations for each platform. * Android: Mycelium * iOS: greenaddress * Windows: greenaddress * Mac: Electrum
I haven't used android or mac, but have heard good things about mycelium and electrum. A note about some of these web wallets. Many of them will require users to protect their account with as much security as possible. This is because bitcoin is a lot like cash and you are responsible for keeping it safe. A strong password and other measures are important to keeping your bitcoins secure.
Send bitcoin Every wallet has a send feature. You should be able to find this feature by going to the "send bitcoin" tab someplace in your wallet. Sending bitcoin will always require two pieces of information: 1) Who are you sending it to? Every wallet has a bitcoin address that can be shared with other people to receive payments. If you are sending someone bitcoin you must ask for their bitcoin address to send to. For example my bitcoin address is: 3Epf4PDbu3yMQbJDNzbfQDwnFfzufovVvd . I can share this address with anyone in the world and they can send money to it. Since the address is very long and hard to type out, a QR code is usually associated with it so that smartphones can scan the code for easier input. Here is the associated QR code with that address. This payment address is where you can send bitcoins as payment for the league dues.
2) How much are you sending? The amount in bitcoins you send depends on the exchange rate you are using. If you are only using bitcoin to send your buy in price, then you just need to send the amount you just purchased. Many applications have built in conversion calculators. You can enter in the amount in dollars and it will convert it automatically to the amount in bitcoins you need to send. To see live conversion rates you can use a website to view various market rates. A couple popular ones are bitcoinaverage and tradeblock. Bitcoin average provides a volume weighted average price of bitcoin across multiple exchanges. Tradeblock gives live rates across multiple exchanges. You can see the prices of each online exchange changing in the top right corner of the page. For example: at the time of this writing bitcoin is trading at $282.14 per bitcoin on coinbase. If you were to send $20 using this exchange rate, you would send 0.071 bitcoins.
Receive bitcoin If you are only reading this to send your buy in fee then you don't need to read further. If you're interested in learning more about bitcoin then you can continue reading. Receiving bitcoin is easier than sending bitcoin. All you need to do is give someone your receiving address. Every wallet has a receiving address. You can see the example of mine above. you will be able to find this in your web wallet.


What is bitcoin? Andreas Antonopoulos explains bitcoin the best in his book Mastering Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a collection of concepts and technologies that form the basis of a digital money ecosystem. Units of currency called bitcoins are used to store and transmit value among participants in the bitcoin network. Bitcoin users communicate with each other using the bitcoin protocol primarily via the Internet, although other transport networks can also be used. The bitcoin protocol stack, available as open source software, can be run on a wide range of computing devices, including laptops and smart phones, making the technology easily accessible.
Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoins are entirely virtual. There are no physical coins, or even digital coins per se. The coins are implied in transactions that transfer value from sender to recipient. Users of bitcoin own keys that allow them to prove ownership of transactions in the bitcoin network, unlocking the value to spend it and transfer it to a new recipient. Those keys are often stored in a digital wallet on each user’s computer. Possession of the key that unlocks a transaction is the only prerequisite to spending bitcoins, putting the control entirely in the hands of each user.
Bitcoin is a distributed, peer-to-peer system. As such, there is no central server or point of control. Bitcoins are created through a process called “mining,” which involves looking for a solution to a difficult problem. Any participant in the bitcoin network (i.e., any device running the full bitcoin protocol stack) may operate as a miner, using their computer’s processing power to attempt to find solutions to this problem. Every 10 minutes on average, a new solution is found by someone who then is able to validate the transactions of the past 10 minutes and is rewarded with brand new bitcoins. Essentially, bitcoin mining decentralizes the currency-issuance and clearing functions of a central bank and replaces the need for any central bank with this global competition.
Why is it so popular? and Why does it have value? These can be hard questions to answer. Bitcoin has advantages over traditional currencies. First thing to understand is that bitcoin is not a currency it's merely a transfer of value written on a public ledger. Currency is just the first application of bitcoin. Bitcoin is like the internet of money, a network for propagating value and securing the ownership of digital assets via distributed computation. There is a lot more to bitcoin than first meets the eye. Here are a few important qualities that make bitcoin popular and gives it value to people:
How you can make money with bitcoin It's very easy to make money with bitcoin just by sitting at your computer doing nothing. I will list a few methods here:
1) Sell bitcoins on localbitcoins If you have cheap access to bitcoins on coinbase then you can sell bitcoins for cash at a profit. Simply create an advertisement to locally sell bitcoins on localbitcoins and set your price 5% above coinbase. When someone contacts you through the website, you buy their bitcoins on coinbase and then sell it to them for 5% higher than you just bought it for. This sounds ridiculous, but people are willing to pay 5% more to skip setting up a coinbase account and purchasing on localbitcoins. If you are interested in doing this you can read my advertisement.
2) Sell bitcoins for amazon gift cards People are willing to pay a lot more money for the convenience of buying bitcoins with gift cards. You can sell your bitcoins online for amazon gift cards on or I have sold my bitcoins at up to 50% markup on
3) Save money using bitcoins to buy stuff on amazon and starbucks Yes! That's correct! you can actually use bitcoins to buy stuff on amazon and starbucks. The website lets you purchase stuff on amazon using bitcoin. You create a wishlist on amazon, paste your wishlist on and send bitcoins to the wallet they give you. You can save up to 15-20% pretty easily using this method. If you want to buy starbucks at a 5% discount you can use
4) Play the market You can also buy your bitcoins and hold on to them and try to sell them later at a higher price. The price of bitcoin can go up and down like a stock. You can also try to buy them on one exchange and sell them at another exchange at a higher price. This way of making money can be risky and not as profitable as the ones above.
5) Invest in startup companies Bitlendingclub lists startup companies and bitcoin traders that are asking for loans in bitcoin. You can find a user on that site and invest in their company. It's up to you to find someone trustworthy and who you which users have the best chance at being successful.
6) Gambling! There are several online casinos and betting agencies that accept bitcoin. has an online casino and sports betting. Nitrogensports is the go to for online sports betting.
This is all I have for now. This should be more than enough to get started with. If you are interested in learning more or have questions you can contact me.
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Btc Gratis Langsung WD Faucetpay Perfect Money Payeer/Best ... New Bitcoin mining site 2020.Best bitcoin cloud mining site .New paying bitcoin cloud mining site How to Earn Bitcoin By Playing Video Games - YouTube OMG BEST BITCOIN CLOUD MINING DEFMINE DAILY 30$USD LIVE ... PAGOS SEMANAL 10.00 USD, 0.00894695 BTC, 2839 DOGE

Founded in 2013, Cloudbet is one of the world’s longest established bitcoin operators. The site also accepts ethereum and bitcoin cash. The site also accepts ethereum and bitcoin cash. The operator grabbed the attention of industry observers in June with an ambitious English Premier League campaign, under which its sportsbook charged no margin on pre-match bets for all games left in the season. Cloudbet, the pioneering crypto casino and sportsbook, has added Pax Gold to its platform, making history by allowing players to bet online with gold for the first time ever. The integration of ... Cloudbet Launches Second Major Stablecoin With USDC. October 7, 2020 ... Cloudbet, the pioneering crypto sportsbook and casino, has added USD Coin to the portfolio of coins available to customers, marking the operator’s second major stablecoin integration after launching USD Tether in May. New players who deposit USDC with Cloudbet are eligible for a welcome bonus worth up to 1000 USDC. Customers can buy the […] Cloudbet continues to innovate and lead by example, adding USD Coin (USDC) to its stable of cryptocurrencies available to buy and play with on-site. Here we explore the stablecoin, letting you know all you need to know about what it is and how it works.

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Btc Gratis Langsung WD Faucetpay Perfect Money Payeer/Best ...

In this video you will find 😍HOW TO GET FREE BITCOINS 2020 FREE😎 BITCOIN MINING SITES WITHOUT INVESTMENT 2020 In this video i will share one website to get... Cryptocurrency Wallet: Video Game: Exchange Service: -----... My hockey wager done so with CloudBet Below are my Crypto Gift Wallets for anyone wishing to send in gratitude or via request for chart analysis on suggested codes. BITCOIN (BTC) wallet ... LINK : link : link : BUY DOGECOIN ON WHATS APP : +923097172057 TELEGRAM CHANNEL LINK : h... fee bitcoin faucet- http ... .co payment proof,free usd mining application,long term earning site usd mining,earn usd,earn usd online free 2020,earn usd online free,earn usd 100 per day,btc ynos ...