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[FS] [US-FL] HP DL380p G8 server, 2x E5-2650, 32GB RAM. Many options! Price Reduced!

UPDATE: The server is sold. I still have the GPU risers and cables for sale for $100 until Jan 2nd, then this listing will be over. Thanks!!
Re-posting with lower prices and different options.
For sale is a HP DL380p gen8 server in great condition! All firmware has been updated with SPP 2017.04.0 (latest supported for G8’s). Anyone who’s bought used HP G8’s knows how big of a pain updating the firmware can’s all done for you. All hardware passed the HP Intelligent Diagnostics tests.
Base Specs, $399:
Prices don't include ground shipping from Melbourne, FL. I can deliver to within ~30 miles of Melbourne for free. Guaranteed working upon arrival: if the item is not functional upon arrival, you may return it for a refund within 14 days of receiving it. Selling because my requirements changed. Must sell by Jan 2nd!
Images: Pictured with original risers installed.
Also selling some Xeon Phi's in another listing
I also take bitcoin, ether, litecoin, etc...
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The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor 5110P is shipping today with general availability on Jan. 28 with recommended customer price of $2,649. The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor 3100 product family will be ... First, the Xeon Phi Knights Landing chips will be equipped with “Apache Pass” Optane 3D XPoint memory DIMMs, which as you know were supposed to be part of the Skylake/Purley launch and which are still not shipping. There is a refresh of the Knights Landing and Knights Mill processors that supposedly happened at the beginning of this year, but heaven only knows what that was. After that, in ... Wow. What a community response. Unbelievable. Last week I posted on my latest toy, a rig that used eight Xeon Phi 7220 cards in a single 4u-server to achieve a total of roughly 24kH/s for cryptonote coins (in case you missed it, the original post is right below). I had expected some interest in that merely because that was, to my knowledge, the new speed record for a single-node(!) mining rig ... Bitcoin Ethereum Charts Technical Analysis Ethereum Mining Xeon Phi Cpu Mining Ripple Cpu Mining Xeon E5430 Cecolor Intel Xeon Phi 5110p Monero Zcash Maximum Supply Bitcoin Mining Profit Equation Amd Opteron 6276 Monero Mining Hash Rate Nh Cryptonightv7 Running On A 22 Core 44 Thread V4 Xeon Nicehash ... Payment Id Monero Mining Zcash With Xeon Cpu E5 Durchschnittsrendite Pensionskassen 2018 2650Using old Server Racks/Blades for Mining: Intel Xeon Phi bitcoin mining xeon phi 1 bitcoin win 5110p Monero Zcash Hashrate Amd Rx – MallorCardAltcoins (alternative blockchains) usually have much Time will tell.Speed with Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620v3Design of synchronizer for parallel Bitcoin miner .

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Intel Xeon Phi Benefits Yang Ming International Corp. 595 Yorbita Road La Puente, CA 91744 Business Hours M-F 8:30AM - 5:30PM PST... We implemented a tuned program of the n-body simulation for Intel Xeon Phi MIC 5110P and achieved 1.138 SP FLOPS performance. This is a movie compiled of the results of this simulation. Mining Bitcoin on ThinkStation P510 Xeon Results. Category People & Blogs; Show more ... Intel Supermicro Xeon Phi x200 Kinghts Landing Dev Station Booting Windows and Running Cinebench - Duration ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.